SPONSORED CONTENT: Membrane filtration supports optimal solution in Abu Dhabi

Analysis college NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) lately commissioned filtration specialist Axium Course of to develop, manufacture and provide a variety of bespoke membrane filtration and ion change pilot techniques appropriate for detailed investigations over a variety of business, environmental, and process-based purposes.

Manufactured in 316L chrome steel, Axium’s membrane techniques are designed to assist the event of progressive options by way of schooling, coaching, and complete analysis into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis know-how.

The gear accommodates a number of business scale membrane choices, together with hole fibre, tubular, spiral and ceramic variations.

Now efficiently put in and commissioned on the NYU Water Analysis Centre in Abu Dhabi, the delicate knowledge assortment software program equipped with every plant has been absolutely optimised by Axium’s commissioning staff to allow correct and detailed illustration of the sensible separation/focus limits achievable towards a consultant feed stream pattern.

Axium Course of specialises in membrane filtration know-how and manufacture technically superior bespoke pilot techniques that profit from over 20 years of sensible filtration experience. Axium’s pilot gear is usually used for purposes akin to clarification, elimination of suspended solids, purification, elimination of salts and ions, dairy fractionation, cell restoration, extract filtration and the separation of microplastics from liquid feed streams.

NYUAD is a number one analysis college having a global presence with a complete science academy at its core. It helps progressive analysis and graduate education schemes that discover the frontiers of data in highly effective and interdisciplinary methods very important to world challenges.


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